Order 10 sets of 40 tags for a total of 400 tags to get an automatic 20% OFF Wholesale pricing. Wholesale is only available on all our tags only! We will eventually offer wholesale on our yarn collections.

20% Off is the most we offer for bulk orders, due to our prices being as low as they are already. Keep in mind we may need to contact you after ordering to ensure all details of your order are met, we service several stores and companies and want to make sure we put you in a separate order processing for larger orders.

Our current Capacity for any size tags is approximately 5,000-6,500 tags a week, this estimate is outside of our capacity for everyday orders which is much different. Keep in mind at certain times of the year we get very busy with wholesale orders and your order may take longer than usual, please make sure to place your order ahead of the time you may need to restock.

Your first order will take the longest to process as we will be creating your unique template for a larger order to run on our machines, after the second order we will have created a specific drive with your template for quick access to process your order immediately.

If you change your design after your first order you will again get the same processing times as daily orders to take the time to adjust and recreate your templates.

Every wholesale order will get a proof draft 3-5 days after ordering to ensure we have created your template properly. Your timely response will ensure a faster processing!

If you have any questions or concerns we are always available to call, text or chat live with us here on the site.

Phone: 505-948-9691

Email: info.beamcity@gmail.com

Live Chat @ the bottom right corner of our website!

Happy Shopping